RealEx DAO & World Housing 3D Village

World Housing and RealEx DAO announce financing plans for Canada’s first 3D-printed affordable housing project.

RealEx DAO
3 min readDec 14, 2021


The RealEx DAO has announced plans to its community to finance Canada’s first 3D printed affordable housing community, which is being developed by the global non-profit World Housing.

The community, located outside Nelson, British Columbia, seeks to provide housing solutions for battered women and single mothers seeking a path to safety, security, and independence. The community will be built with state-of-the-art, ESG-forward 3D construction technology.

As part of the vision to end homelessness, World Housing is excited to announce it has joined forces with Twente Additive Manufacturing (TAM) in the development and utilization of their 3D printed home construction technology.

“We need a radical re-thinking in the way that we approach solving complex issues in our society, like homelessness,” explains Don McQuaid, Managing Director of World Housing. “3D technology can advance the goal of providing safe, affordable housing and preventing the slide of the most vulnerable into homelessness.”

TAM’s 3D-printing construction process, which combines robotics, automated material handling and advanced software, offers a new way to quickly build homes that are resilient to the varying climates, geography and topographies of Canada.

The 3D project was submitted to the RealEx DAO by World Housing in September 2021 and passed due diligence and the DAO’s rigorous ESG scoring system. The project will be one of six submitted to RealEx for final approval vote following the DAO’s steadycoin public in January 2022. Provided the public launch generates sufficient revenues, the project will be funded in February 2022 and construction will begin later that year.

“We believe that this project will make a huge difference for the women who have been struggling to make ends meet. We’re proud that our community will be a leader in supporting technological innovation, alternative financing, and social impact,” explains an anonymous DAO community member. “Nothing speaks to the RealEx DAO’s mission more than this project with World Housing.”

About World Housing
World Housing is on a mission to reduce homelessness one affordable home at a time, a mission which is achieved, in part, through World Housing’s collaboration with innovative partners to develop technologies that improve the efficiency and affordability of housing.

About RealEx DAO
RealEx is an impact-driven DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) seeking to democratize property ownership and guide millions of people onto a path to financial independence. RealEx hopes to achieve this goal through the creation of a “steadycoin,” a cryptocurrency backed by inflation-resistant assets (instead of fiat currency) which provides yield and a medium of exchange to its owners. RealEx DAO focuses on acquiring real estate assets and projects — such as the World Housing project — that have a transformative impact on their community.

“Our mission is to change the way developers and communities think about the impact of their choices on the world. We’ve reached a point where we need to focus on doing things differently. It’s not just about making money. It’s about creating a sustainable, equitable world,” explains a DAO community member and real estate asset acquisition team member. “This 3D printing project with World Housing is an optimal example of the integration of social impact, new technology, and private public partnerships to revolutionize how we build, operate, and create liquidity for properties around the world.”

Additional information is released through the DAO’s official Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit channels.

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